Date of last update: 28-Oct-2007

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Background on my decision to become a student massage therapist

I studied at The Whole You School of Massage and Bodywork situated in Rutherford County, near Ashville, NC. I started my training in February 2006 and I completed it in June 2007 (the course takes 18 months to complete). I traveled every 3rd or 4th weekend to The Whole You to learn more about massage therapy, anatomy, spiritual matters, and more.

I chose the school because the format and schedule. It is going to have theoretical and practical classes every 3rd or 4th weekend, starting on Friday evening and ending on Sunday evening. There are some schools nearer to home, but they offer classes only during the day or evenings during the work week and I knew that I would not be able to do my full work at my place of work in the Research Triangle Park in NC and then take long evening sessions.

But because I am very interested in this healing approach, I decided to attend The Whole You, which has a very holistic approach to bodywork, including spiritual and psychological work, and many different approaches to touch therapy. Also, this school follows a very comprehensive and strict Code of Ethics which is based on the corresponding one from the North Carolina and National associations of massage therapists, in order to fight against the bad reputation that some people engage under the concept of "massage" (sex for money).

My wife Dodde has given me a tremendous support, and I am very thankful to her, because she takes care of the kids and pets during my visits to the class, but her reward is large (well, I think so), because I am practicing my new acquired massage techniques with her!

I wish to share some of my thoughts about my new "thing":

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